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About Our Community Center

Our community center is one of the only non-commercial spaces for LGBTQIA+ individuals in the entire SWANA region. It welcomes individuals and allies regardless of their sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, language, education, profession, religion, sect, age, disability, health, and status. It is a place to bond, heal, grow, learn, solve collective problems, and build power -  and is a locus of learning and mobilization around multiple issues for and about the community.
The community center is a safe space where we can rest, regroup, and re-energize from the effects of systemic violence and discrimination that we face on a daily basis. It is a place where we can be free to express ourselves in how we see fit in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. The center is also an activist space: a place for engaged and passionate people who want to come up with initiatives, take part in existing ones, and contribute to the movement in a fun learning environment.. The center sports multiple independent clubs and committees that are formed by the community with their own independent agendas and funding, and hosts multiple activities, meetings, and engagements concerning the rights and welfare of LGBTQ people in Lebanon.

Our Community Programming

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Every year, Helem organizes hundreds of activities and events. Many queer individuals from different Lebanese governorates attend the latter to find a safe space for themselves, debate topics they can not discuss in their respective environments, get acquainted with information they may not find in their surroundings, express challenges or hardships they face on a daily basis, and meet new people from different walks of life. Some are organized by the community center staff, while others are planned by the committees and clubs themselves.Our most popular activities and events include open discussions about specific topics, Q&As with notorious local and regional activists and organizations, storytelling and poetry nights, book discussions from queer and feminist perspectives, health awareness sessions, movie nights, talent shows, and other educational training sessions and therapeutic workshops.

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