Changing laws and
fighting prejudice

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About Our Advocacy

Our work is closely derived from close connections with members of our own community, our allies, and from clear and compelling data which is made possible by our community outreach and our protection and services provision. We recognize that working intersectionally with other marginalized groups and issues requires great responsibility, flexibility, and strategic depth. We therefore work not only on issues related to identity and civil/political rights, but also prioritize social and economic rights by leveraging law, development, and community mobilization as tools for equality and liberation. We do not only ask "How do we improve institutions?" but more so, "How do we improve lives?". Our success is measured by how much we integrate queer issues and priorities into the greater civil, social, and economic movements in Lebanon and the region.

Our Advocacy Programming

Legal & Policy Reform
Digital Rights
Ally Building
Workplace Equality
Labor Rights
Monitoring and Documentation

Campaigns & Advocacy Videos

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Freedom of Expression and the LGBTQIA+ Community
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